Sanlight flex 10


Sanlight flex 10

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Sanlight flex 10

The SANlight FLEX-series is an extreme compact and powerful LED platform. It was specially designed for space-saving applications and has a protection class of IP68. Multiple FLEX-modules are daisy-chainable and easy/flexible to install. Its sophisticated optics allow minimal layer spacing with maximum light distribution and homogeneity.

Typical uses include:

  • multi-layer cultivation with a minimum layer spacing
  • inter-lighting solution for high growing plants
  • in-vitro cultivation
  • growth chambers
  • rooting of cuttings (multi-layer)
  • standard substitute for fluorescent tube applications
  • additional lighting to existing luminaires


  • precise light guidance into the cultivation area – no photon is wasted
  • rectangular illumination pattern with highest homogeneity
  • warm-white light-color impression for comfortable working
  • extremely compact size
  • available in multiple lenghts


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