San Light Led valaisin M30SAN 30w


San Light Led valaisin M30SAN 30w

The SANlight S and P series have been developed for professional use as efficient illumination for large cultivation area. They combine high-quality LED technology with power supply electronics attuned to it.

A specially developed optical system directs the generated light precisely to the cultivation area. No photon is wasted. Passive cooling increases reliability, minimises maintenance expense and guarantees a high degree of light utilisation with a long life span.

A universally usable light spectrum allows both cultivation of seedlings and young plants and successful cultivation of blooming and fruit-bearing plants.

The P series is optionally available with specialised spectra for professional use and also as a dimmable version.

SANlight S series:

  • IP40 protection rating
  • 140 watt network-side power consumption
  • Proven broad-band spectrum for all stages of growth
  • For indoor uses without direct spray water


SANlight P series:

  • IP64 protection rating
  • 125 watt network-side power consumption
  • Proven broad-band spectrum for all stages of growth
  • Specialised spectra available optionally
  • dimmable version available optionally
  • For uses with significant climatic stresses (spray water, high ambient humidity, direct sunlight)


Typical uses include:

  • High-value, environmentally friendly, long-lasting and maintenance-free replacement for conventional lighting (e.g., sodium vapour lamps, fluorescent tubes, CFLs, etc.)
  • Cultivation of crops and ornamental plants including fruit production
  • Illumination of indoor living walls
  • Space-saving illumination for vertical cultivation
  • Compact, energy-saving additional illumination for optimal growth, blossoming and harvest maximisation
  • Winter illumination
  • Assimilation illumination for weakened plants (without thermal stress)
  • Illumination of sales areas (e.g., in floristry)

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San Light Led valaisin M30SAN 30w




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