Budmaster II COB-X-9 LED


LED’s:  Citiled S4 High CRI COB
Coverage:  120 x 120cm
Energy Used:  459w
Input Voltage:  100 – 240v
Frequency:  50 – 60 hz
Current:  600ma
Dimensions:  48 x 49 x 8cm
Warranty:  3 Years

Weight:  9kg

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With our new range of Budmaster C.O.B (Chip on Board) unit we have once again produced a truly unbeatable light engine using the world’s best C.O.B’s to give the end user a high quality and high output fixture. We are using Citiled C.O.B light engines to provide the highest possible luminous efficacy available on the market. Citiled invented the C.O.B and have a patent protecting the most efficient placement of the chips giving them an unbeatable C.O.B winning the highest luminous efficacy every year hands down beating Cree and Osram etc. in this format.

As many people are wanting to try white light for their gardens we have allowed the option in Budmaster, white will never be as efficient or as effective for most plants but it still has its place in horticulture for some specific plant groups and for applications where a pink light is not suitable.

We are starting this range with the standard white COB in the 3500K spectrum but later on in the year once testing is complete we also have a couple of new horticultural COB’s (another world first from Citiled) coming from will be standard grow light pink inoutput colour.

Citiled are made in Japan with highest possible quality standards and are all UL / CUL certified and have many benefits over other COB including:

  • Luminous efficacy has been improved by about 15 % over that of the current model and the world’s highest level of luminous efficacy has been achieved
  • Color rendering is improved while high efficacy is retained
  • Three types of high color rendering products pursuing qualityof light: ”Ra 90 on B.B.L.*” ”Ra 90 below B.B.L.*” and ”Ra 97.”
    * B.B.L.: stands for Black Body Locus.
  • UL standard (UL 8750) certification has been obtained
  • LED dice are placed to generate uniform light in consideration of optimizing the light distribution design of luminaires.
  • The product covers a wide range of luminous flux.
  • The products has reduced variation in the chromaticity range and are compliant with 3-step MacAdam ellipses.





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