Adjust A Wings Reflector Medium


Ingenious Design

Adjust-A-Wings® are easy-to-use and operate, built on the basic principles of logic and simplicity. The “Wings,” as they are affectionately known in the industry, form a succession of perfect double parabolic shapes when assembled, flexed and tensioned. Assembled, they appear similar to an archer’s bow. This creates a rigid (but lightweight) and adjustable double parabolic reflector. This unique design has no need for bulky structural supports or additional housing to enclose the reflective surface.


-Material Avenger

-Reflection 97%

-Weight 1,1 Kg

-Super Spreader Included


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Adjust-A-Wings® reflectors are incredibly power efficient and versatile lighting systems. Firstly, Adjust-A-Wings® can be set to a wide formation for maximum light diffusion—this allows the light to be positioned very close to instalation place for a great combination of light intensity and area coverage. Alternatively they can be adjusted to a narrow setting to create a narrow, intense “beam” of light.


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