250W ETI Magneetti virtalähde HPS/MH


Tekniset tiedot
W 250W
HPS Kyllä
MH Kyllä
Paino 5,5 kg
Mitat 25x15x10cm
V 220/230V
Takuu 3 V.

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High quality HID lighting Ballast 250W for HPS and MH lamps.All of the Easy control gear range feature ETI Lighting International components.
Our Easy Control Gear is fully vented, cool running, extremely quiet and above all manufactured right in Europe to the highest possible standards: TUV, CE, ecc.
Extremely reliable, these units form part of our kits.
Features an IEC Connection to suit most popular reflectors and a 2m mains connection lead.
Each unit has Internal protection via a timed ignitor and a thermal cut-out choke, this added safety feature stops the unit trying to ignite the lamp after several minutes which ensures years of use and saves electricity.Supplied with 36 months limited warranty on internal choke and ignitor components.





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