Myco Fusion Bio-Jolt 454g


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Application Methods and Rates: This product is to be mixed
with liquid (either water or liquid organic fertilizer) and
applied as a drench over existing plants. Bio-Jolt 1.5
delivers necessary nutrients, both to the plant, and to the
organisms that are living in the mycorrhizosphere
Mix 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Bio-Jolt 1.5 to 32 oz (1 liter) of
liquid. Shake well to ensure all organic material is
adequately suspended. Then pour directly into the soil
above the plant’s root zone. One application treats 12-15
plants. Repeat process every 2-4 weeks.
Cultural Conditions: This product contains living micro-
organisms that are sensitive to certain cultural practices.
To avoid inhibiting or killing the organisms, do not use
high rates of inorganic fertilizers, especially those with a
high proportion of Phosphorus (P). Avoid application of
fungicides with PCNB, thiophanatemethyl, or soil fumigants.
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