Aptus Topbooster 250ml – 1250L


Aptus Topbooster 250ml – 1250L

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Aptus Topbooster 250ml – 1250L


Bloom booster
Topbooster is a combination of a bloom and maturation stimulator. It is 100% organic with active
ingredients that stimulate plant flowering response. The stimulation provided by the active ingredients
produce larger fruit with more fibres, resin and sugars, which increase the quality of the end product.
Topbooster helps improve the natural flavours while enhancing the appearance of your product.
• Improves transition between different stages in plant physiology (better plant development).
• Improves quality and end product (flavour, appearance and quality).
• Improves yield by stimulating more bud sites (greater quantity of flowers and buds).
• Improves flowers by increasing fibres, resins and sugars (improved end product).
Topbooster contains a synergetic cocktail of active ingredients that stimulate the complete flowering
process. We therefore advise to use Topbooster almost during the complete bloom phase. Use
Topbooster as an additive next to a base NPK fertilizer. Use 2 ml per 10 L (1:5000) from the second
week of flowering until the last week.
Topbooster is a 100% organic product. Be careful with the use of organic product in drip irrigation
systems. In such systems, organic product increase the risk of blockages. Therefore, always use
System-Clean when using Topbooster in drip irrigation systems.


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