Nutriculture EBB ef230


Nutriculture EBB ef230

  • 120x109x35cm
  • Tank capacity: 100 liters
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able ideal tide hydroponic system for tent size 120x120cm:

The hydroponic system Nutriculture Ebb & Flood 100 original household, launched for the first time by Nutriculture in 1976. Thanks to this constant supply of water and nutrients to the roots, combined with an unlimited supply of oxygen, you can get returns up to four times higher than those obtained from traditional culture methods.

He fills all space just inside your grow room with good access to the tank leaving a very appropriate use to empty and fill your nutrient tank.

Ebb & Flood system Nutriculture 100, comes complete (pump + irrigation) and simple installation.

Suitable for cultivation on clay pebbles , breads LDR, coconut fiber, and even growing in pots. Can also grow in the ground in such a system simply by placing the pots on the table with the same ascent and descent operation of water but less frequent and especially use of mineral fertilizers; absorption will be better, the plants will drink by capillary.

Provide a timer in order to distribute the tides.

System dimensions Ebb & Flood EF 100:

  • 120x109x35cm
  • Tank capacity: 100 liters
  • Supplied with cover plate to prevent the proliferation of algae and pathogens.
  • Tank
  • tray
  • top panel correx
  • pump
  • pipe water distribution
  • Complete instructions.


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