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What is Worm·Humus™?

Worm·Humus™ is high-quality, 100% organic compost. Our 100% pure, organic worm castings are lab-tested and to ensure the very highest quality they have not been produced using any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost.
Worm humus, also called vermicast or worm castings, is the final product of the decomposition of organic material that has been excreted by the earthworm.
Through the nutrients that are soluble in water, and bacteria that it contains, Worm·Humus™ is an excellent and nutrient organic fertilizer and earth-improver.

How to use Worm·Humus™

Worm·Humus™ can be used to refresh All-Mix®, and can be added to substrate mixtures already in use, or to prepare the garden subsoil. The ideal mix contains 10 to 15% Worm·Humus™ and 85 to 90% All·Mix®

The quality of Worm·Humus™

Our 100% pure organic Worm·Humus™ has been tested in a laboratory and has not been produced with garden waste , waste dump or compost. This gives the high quality of the product. The diet of the worms consists of  rock minerals and organic potato peals and is highly controlled. These characteristics, combined with the natural microbes in the ground, make it possible to obtain the highest norms of quality for the best worm castings in our branche.

– See more at: http://www.biobizz.com/products/organic-substrate-enhancers/worm-humus#sthash.FQY2qXJC.dpuf







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