Prima KLC-2M Climate-Controller


Prima KLC-2M Climate-Controller

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Prima KLC-2M Climate-Controller

The Primair Controller is an indoor climate controller, designed to be used with extraction & intake fans, it will maintain temperature in an indoor growing environment through the use of a thermostat.

The Primair Controller is also fitted with a speed control mechanism that will control the speed of two fans.

The Primair Controller works simply by wiring both your inline and exhaust fans into the unit and setting the desired temperature.

Once the fans are wired in you can then set the speed control mechanisms to give you even more control over your environment & fine tune the climate controller to your own specifications.

Using Primair Controller will help maintain a healthy growing environment by ensuring an adequate exchange of air in the grow room as well as maintaining a suitable ambient temperature conducive to rapid & healthy plant growth.

Maintaining consistent optimum conditions in a grow room can only be of benefit & with the assistance of a Prima Controller the grower can now achieve even better results.

Maintaining a fresh exchange of air will also reduce the likelihood of any air borne diseases or funguses attaching themselves to the plants or settling in the grow room.
Too much heat can result in a less than adequate crop & not enough heat can actually prevent the plants from growing.

The Primair Controller is easy to use, follow the instructions provided for wiring in the fans, set the desired room temperature, fan speed control and place the fans in the appropriate places in the growroom. Some adjustments may need to be made at a later stage to the fan speed control in order to maintain the optimum temperature.

Warranty: The Primair Controller is guaranteed against manufacturers defects and to withstand normal use for a period of twelve months, abuse or failure to follow instructions provided are not covered.

1 x Remote Thermostat
1 x Variable Temperature Control
2 x Variable Fan Speed Control

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