Gekko 250mm 4250m3/h boxituuletin


Gekko 250mm 4250m3/h boxituuletin

Rated air-flow: 4250m3

Power consumption: 3.70 amp – 888 watts

Dimensions: 50cm x 53cm x 46.4cm

Weight: 34.94 kg

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Gekko 250mm 4250m3/h boxituuletin

Gecko acoustic fans don’t just look the part, they’ve been designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air. They are premium quality products, assembled in the UK using precision engineered components.

  • Gekko – it’s all about the box!
  • Precision engineered Torin Sifan motor
  • Moves immense quantities of air
  • Extremely quiet
  • Highly reliable – maintenance is rarely an issue
  • Moisture resistant MDF panels
  • Removes stale, CO2 depleted air from the grow space
  • Can be used to supply air to your indoor garden
  • Matched to fit to 10″ (250mm) ducting and carbon filters
  • Connect to power with standard kettle lead
  • IEC clamp for a secure connection


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