Eco-Filter K2600 Flat 200-250m3/h Ø100mm


Eco Line Filter

Size (Flange x Height): Ø100/125 x 135 mm

Airflow: 200-250m3/h

Weight: 2.5kg

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Eco Line range of carbon filters – Easy to install and super-reliable, the activated carbon inside each filter effectively removes all odours from your room whilst allowing your ventilation fans to work efficiently.

Filled with activated stone coal 1050 m3/h surface and dressed with F5 white pre-filter. For cleaning the incoming, outgoing or bypassing flow or air from bad smell using physical or chemical adsorption.

Scope of application: Hospitals, food-processing industry, chemical industry, public buildings, kitchens, office rooms, lavatories, crematories, butcher shops…
Temperature: Maximal flow of air temperature = 70°C
Relative humidity: Maximal flow of air humidity = 70%



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